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Granville County Public Schools

03 May 2024

29m 43s

Voices: with Guest, Dr. Stan Winborne, Superintendent



Granville County Public Schools is excited to launch their very first podcast, Voices. In this episode, Technology Director, Ernie Conner, introduces the host Madison Lavrack and her team who have worked hard to create marketing materials for the podcast. The special guest for the episode is Dr. Stan Winborne, the Superintendent of Granville County Public Schools. Dr. Winborne shares his unexpected journey into education and discusses his role and responsibilities as a Superintendent. He emphasizes the importance of safety in schools and improving academic opportunities for students. Dr. Winborne also discusses his plans for the future, including enhancing facilities and building stronger school-community relationships. Overall, the episode highlights the mission of Granville County Public Schools to engage students, teachers, parents, and the community through their podcasting initiative.